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I have better things to spend my money on so why gutters?

posted Mar 2, 2014, 8:23 PM by Joshua Crowther   [ updated Mar 3, 2015, 12:37 PM ]
Originally posted April 5, 2011

As spring time is upon us here in Austin many of us get an itch to begin some spring cleaning. Maybe it's something in the air besides allergies! Regardless, homeowners across the board begin cleaning, throwing away, repairing, and thinking about additions to their home and garden.

Although gutters don't usually seem to be on the top of our list of important things to add to our home, they are more important than you think. Gutters help protect your most costly investment: your home. Many "arm and a leg" type repairs can be averted by simply making an investment in gutter installation that is usually going to cost you about 1% of your homes' worth. Talk about a deal considering that you can spend anywhere from a very low end 2K upwards to 14K or more repairing your foundation in view of how big your home is and if additional repairs like plumbing, drywall, mortar, and landscaping are involved as well.

Another repair that is more time and money consuming is unsightly damage to your home and garden due to rainwater coming off of your roofline. Rainwater that comes down off of your roof during heavy downpours causes mud to come back-splashing onto your siding, brick, or foundation, which over time is the basis for unattractive staining on your home. Your soffit, fascia, and garage door is also in danger of rotting due to rainwater. Properly installed gutters will help advert the water away from these areas. Then comes your garden... So your thinking about planting some nice pretty flowers for spring huh? Well it's also rainy season. April showers bring May flowers right? Gutters help protect your newly planted garden and hard work from being washed away during a heavy downpour.

So this spring why not make an investment in your home that will help it keep it's beauty and functionality and is not going to put a big dent in your pocketbook? And not to mention help avoid putting a big one in it later.